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Surfacing: Hundred Visions – “Last Cab From Tunis”

Let’s be honest, your life hasn’t been the same since the demise of LCD Soundsystem.  Since their departure, my heart has been sporting a big hole, waiting on James to come to his senses and fill in that void.  But my heart started hurting alot less since being turned on to Hundred Visions. “Last Cab From Tunis” combines the outlandish dance disco vibes of LCD, a bit of Talking Heads attitude, and sky-rocketing vocals a la The Rapture.  It’s one hell of a dangerous combination.  The track grooves on a dance-floor shuffle drum beat that scoots along with perfectly timed percussive additions and bass line flourishes.  Razor blade guitars come in at the peak hour, taking you to that point in the night where you really don’t think things can get any better.  Take that in addition to the incredibly catchy, pouty one-liner, “I don’t like you very much” and you’ve got one ferociously fun dance party.  Check it out below-

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