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Surfacing: Michael Davis With Lions – “Real Love (Bandages)”

The music of Michael Davis has always been infused with a cool shot of calm, or perhaps better described as patience.  It’s music that seems to increase it’s returns with every true listen you give it.  On his upcoming release Real Love, Davis crosses into new sonic territories with bits and pieces of synth sprinkled throughout the album, while holding true to the introspective songwriting spirit that allows one to build such a connection with his music.  The first single from album is the aptly titled “Real Love (Bandages)”, a delicate track that walks a fine line between heart felt and heart breaking.  The  verses meander along a gentle melody seeming to follow a train of thought in a worrying mind.  The pay off is sweet though with a pre-chorus that could easily be the hook of the song, until you reach the actual uplifting center bringing about a new sense of warmth.  “Real Love” is a track that finds one pushing and pulling with the idea of love and love-loss, but that’s how it should be, because real love is never easy…

LA get ready, because Michael Davis With Lions will be holding the Monday residency at The Silverlake Lounge throughout April!  Click here for more information as these are shows you will NOT want to miss!


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