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Surfacing: Field Report – “Fergus Falls”

Field Report was a long time coming.  Six years long.  Chris Porterfield, the man behind the moniker, built up his chops in DeYarmond Edison, a band featuring the one and only Justin Vernon and a few gentleman from Megafun.  After the band split, everyone went on to become…well you, know the story, but Chris took some time to figure  things out.  The band’s break up propelled Porterfield to write some songs of his own, songs that have now been in the works for about 6 years.  Thankfully, those musical sketches have come to fruition.  One of which being “Fergus Falls” an astonishingly beautiful, woodsy anthem perfectly blending space and swells.

The song begins with Porterfield’s earnest vocals sailing atop a warmly textured finger-picked guitar.  He sings of promises of escape from failure, promises of efforts surfacing as if to make a statement on his own journey.  His lyrics are full of poignant small-town detail painting a clear picture of the location behind the songs title.  The empty space around the song slowly begins to fill with heartbreaking strings, steady percussion, and a backdrop of communal vocals.  It’s a delicate piece, starting fragile and building in conviction and confidence most likely a portrait of Chris Porterfield as we find him today. Check it out below, and do not miss Field Report opening for Megafun at The Bootleg on April 5th.

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