Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning: Lambchop – “Gone Tomorrow”

There comes a time each day when I need to listen to Mr. M to keep my sanity.  With the plethora of places my mind wanders, Lambchop’s latest release is able to always bring me back to center.  The entire album is gorgeous, walking a line between delicate folk and baroque classical music from another decade, resulting in a group of songs that is just incredibly fluid.  “Gone Tomorrow” is Mr. M at its finest.  A delicate finger picked guitar creates the small-town back drop while Wagner’s romantic vocal’s paint the scene of an afternoon drink in an empty local bar.  Piano flourishes add beautiful detail leading into a chorus that leaves me speechless with every listen.  As if the song didn’t already make me weak, breathtaking string arrangements fill the gaps, creating a wonderful bohemian contrast to the track’s steadfast simplicity.  This Sunday morning listen to “Gone Tomorrow”, but listen to Mr. M in full and start the day absolutely centered.


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