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Video: Odd Future – NY (Ned Flanders)

Odd Future - NY (Ned Flanders) (video)

Last week, Tyler the Creator tweeted excitedly about “Rella”, the first single/video release from Odd Future’s upcoming group release, OF Tape Vol. 2. “Rella” showcased Hodgy, Tyler and Domo Genesis over a frantic synth-driven beat accompanied by some highly stylized visuals. This week, we have second single “NY (Ned Flanders)” (the video release for which incited a similarly anxious Tyler).

“NY (Ned Flanders)” feels decidedly less eager to please. The stakes are lowered without the burden of being the album’s first single; and with the volume turned down a bit, Hodgy’s a good deal less effective (folks defend his rapping as a complement to Tyler’s abrasive lyrics, but being the absence of something is no talent in and of itself). The visuals, essentially a continuation of “Rella”, are feeling more and more like those oft-viewed original OF YouTubes with the subject matter re-imagined as Busta Rhymes/Hype Williams motifs.

All told, the track’s production, with it’s stuttering percussion and piano loop, is a nice nod to Tyler’s biggest nfluence, the Neptunes. The highlight though is Tyler’s hyper-focused verse. He resorts to some call-for-help level bragging, “now I have famous friends”, but he also utilizes an understated spitfire flow and injects a characteristic, not-too-soon Sandusky quip amongst others.

OF Tape Vol. 2 is set for release March 20th. This leads us to believe it may be good.

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