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Video: Mini Mansions – “Heart Of Glass”

Remember when baths used to be fun?  When it was some sort of miniature ocean, or at least a giant puddle you could splash around in.  Take a step back and a bath is essentially a luke-warm cauldron of your own filth.  Did I ruin baths for you now? Mini-Mansions take it one step forward, turning a bath into some sort of grim, bloody, and colorful circus in water.  The entire vibe is all too perfect for their irresistibly creepy cover of the Blondie classic “Heart Of Glass”.  Their rendition is already dimly sensual, sliding down a thin line of grime and glitter.  Now add  murky water and creepy toys (a la Syd’s room in Toy Story) and witness every strange visual the song conjures up, come to life…

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