Friday Night

Friday Night: New Build – “Medication” / “Do You Not Feel Loved”

Having LCD Soundsystem and Hot Chip in your pedigree is one hell of an ancestry, but quite the legacy to live up to.  Despite the latter family tree, New Build have definitely stepped up to the plate with their debut release Yesterday Was Live... As one would expect, the band rules with all things disco- fat bass lines, grooving guitars, and a sheen of 80’s synths.  But these kids are by no means garnering attention from nepotism, nor are things totally as expected.  Take lead-off track “Medication” a song that beckons TV On The Radio at their funkiest.  Hunkered down with a fat bass, and lifted off the ground with chirping guitars, “Medication” is a “get your ass out of your chair and up on the dance floor” jam.  The vocal melody slides right in the pocket, keeping the groove and proving to be catchy like a theme song.

But wait, need something a litte more euphoric, you know for those peak hours of the night?  Something that’s sugary sweet while still serving up a bit of substance?  Take “Do You Not Feel Loved” out for a test drive.  The song is a slow builder, darkly romantic, with a steady beating kick and shimmering surrounding synths.  Come chorus time find yourself in a state of washed out bliss.  It’s like, you know you should be having a good time- one hand in the air, the other holding your drink, but at the end of the day your girl is somewhere else.  C’mon, you’ve been there before.

It’s Friday night, start the weekend off with New Build and do no wrong.

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