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Mixtape // Don Trip – Guerrilla

Don Trip -

This week, hoarse-voiced rapper Don Trip was amongst those named to 2012’s XXL Freshman List. As Noz articulated, we’re not really sure what to make of the XXL list at this juncture of its life. Further, the disparity between experience levels of those “freshmen” rappers chosen questions the whole enterprise (gasp!). Still, we dig Danny Brown, Future, French Montana and this guy, Don Trip.

Memphis’s Don Trip is a guy who wears his introspection proudly. Like fellow Step Brother, Starlito, Trip provides listeners a nuanced look at his life. Most often, Trip contemplates fatherhood (not the official video, but a better look into Trip’s personality), the rap industry and his hometown.

On the DJ Drama hosted Guerrilla tape, Trip continues to explore these themes with a more consistent production palette than that of tapes past. In particular, the anthemic Cool n Dre produced “Allen Iverson” is a pretty ideal backdrop for Trip’s raps. On the track, Trip contemplates the changes one undergoes when becoming a rap star from “nothing”, “you wanna be normal, but that life’s over”. The material lends itself incredibly well to the interspliced AI interview clips, himself a wonderful case study in such rises to sudden fame. Trip is not all anxiety and remorse raps though. On “the Feds”, with an assist from the aforementioned Lito, Trip acknowledges the decisions that he’s made in choosing to deal drugs, and relishes in the windfalls that those decisions have brought him.

Not unlike the brothers Thornton, Trip and Lito alike are two rappers capable of self-congratulating one moment, but at the next (and to a greater extent than that of the Clipse), expressing a bothered contemplation. Trip may be missing some of the rapper-scorned-by-the-industry dimension to his personality that Lito and the Clipse both embrace, but the chip on Trip’s shoulder feels genuine and Guerrilla is the next step in his progression as a rapper exploring this dichotomy of personality.

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