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Cold Specks – “Winter Solstice”

Some people make soul music. That is, music that comes straight from their soul, no filter, no chaser. Cold Specks, the Canadian singer-songwriter we posted at the beginning of this year, has a vocal quality that cannot be learned nor tamed, but slowly aged. Though a song called “Winter Solstice” may seem like poor timing on the second day of Spring, it shows more signs of life than previous single “Holland.” From what little we’ve heard, her music tends to highlight not the fear of, but beauty in mortality that gives weight and purpose to our shared time here. Her ability to craft a song that doesn’t just rely on the smokiness of her vocal has yet to really be seen, but like an early morning chill with a warm cup of coffee, it’s enough so far for all your existential thoughts. I Predict A Graceful Expulsion is out May 21, check out the track below.

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