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Breton – “2 Years”

Breton -

Breton’s debut album Other People’s Problems comes out next week. If the release’s title is any indication, the London collective tackle dark obstacles facing other people’s lives, as heard in Breton’s “2 Years,” a song in which member Roman Rappak’s girlfriend surprisingly leads him inside the hospital where her father died that night, two years ago.

The cinematic backdrop surrounding all of their pieces comes naturally. Prior to turning to music, they were filmmakers. Breton only began pumping out pulsating, bone chilling songs in the recording studio when they needed something to soundtrack their work. Thankfully, they were quick to realize how obnoxiously good the results were.

“2 Years” will send tingles down your spine from start to finish, matching the eerie narrative with a slow, heart thumping beat. Backing vocal’s are chopped and distorted, left ghoulishly hanging in the background. The sad, two years this girl faced after the death of her father were lonely and cold. Breton force that same sensation on you.

via The Fader