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Beach House – “Myth”

As seems to be this trend this week, we are gifted with another unexpected but much welcomed release, this time from the band of beautiful lullabies- Beach House. “Myth” appeared on their website last night and may be the first tease from an eagerly awaited new album.  The song holds true to every bit of glimmering production found on Teen Dream.  A well acquainted lush atmosphere is set up by a shimmering guitar walk down, while Legrand’s vocals add new level of peace to the track.  The song shows a temptation to pick up with a pop-drum beat midway through, if only to startle you, then woo you back to your state of rest. “Myth” is a song that builds throughout its entirety, adding layer upon layer, providing perhaps the safest and most effective method of relaxation for stress cases like me.  Enjoy below-

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