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Surfacing: The District Attorneys – “California Fire” / “Confusion of Trust”

It was just last night (after listening to Circuital) we made mention of how much we missed old My Morning Jacket.  As if it were some sort of call to the heavens, the gods of southern rock must have heard my beckon cry, and responded kindly this morning with The District Attorneys. Hailing from the great state of Georgia, The DA’s (as the nickname will surely come about) are a 5 piece southern-psyche rock band heavy on guitars and sweet Americana melodies.  Their newest release Waiting on the Calm Down: The Basement Sessions EP are mere demos for their upcoming full length in November, but my goodness does the raw energy suit the band.  EP opener, “California Fire” opens calmly with a swirling organ, only to watch it come crashing down with a screaming slide guitar.  ‘Verbed out vocals float around an incredibly catchy melody, leading into an absolutely stunning pre-chorus-to-chorus trade off.  It’s one of those incredibly feel good rockers, the kind that sound best when appreciating the simpler things in life- beer, friends, girls, a good juke box, things on a grill…you get the point.  Enjoy California Fire and download the incredible free EP Waiting on the Calm Down: The Basement Sessions EP here.

UPDATE: Upon further obsessing with this band, I discovered the first track, “Confusion of Trust” off their upcoming album Slowburner.  Now tell me you don’t get the chills when this chorus comes in…


Confusion of Trust by The District Attorneys

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