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Surfacing: Gabriel Bruce – “Sleep Paralysis”

Falling under the spell of Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave, and Nicolas Jaar as of late should lead one to the obvious conclusion of how much I am digging Gabriel Bruce’s single “Sleep Paralysis”.  Like each of the aforementioned artists, Bruce is a bass-heavy crooner that falls somewhere between overly dramatic and just plain evil.  “Sleep Paralysis” seeps in with a raw organ back drop as Bruce’s thick vocals melt over a depraved melody.  Despite its overly dark sentiment (“I got this feeling that we’re dead and there’s nothing wrong”) Bruce manages to keep you holding on with the songs subtle builds.  Percussion fills an empty room calling back memories of The XX, keeping the song at a manageable pacing until…silence.  The leak eventually leads to a burst and out comes a wonderfully depraved climax.  Enjoy below-

Gabriel Bruce – Sleep Paralysis from Off Modern on Vimeo.

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