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Skaters @ Pianos (New York City) 02.18.12

Skaters, Live at Piano's NYC (February 18, 2012)

Skaters (Michael Cummings, Noah Rubins, Joshua Hubbard) showed serious promise during their Saturday night set at Pianos. The transnational band (Los Angeles and London by way of New York) has only been together for a few months but they were able to seamlessly incorporate funky, avant-garde sounds into their lively, punk numbers.

Their set mostly consisted of the dynamic, fast paced songs the band is slowly but surely getting known for, but it was their sonic flirtations with jazzier and worldly grooves that caught my attention. The sudden but smooth introduction of the saxophone during “Good Weird Woman” was especially showing of the band’s songwriting talents. After all, it’s one thing to play fun and fast guitar riffs but it takes a certain level of musical maturity to take things down a notch and mess around with some proper jazz. A shout out must especially be given out to drummer Noah Rubin whose foray into funkier rhythms during tracks like “Fear of the Knife” was as titillating as, if not more so, than his exercises in speed and precision in “Are We Just Doomed” and “Done For Good.”

Listen to the band below and download The Schemers EP on their website for free.

Skaters - "Good Weird Woman"

Skaters - "Done For Good"

Skaters - "Are We Just Doomed"

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