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Rhye – “Open”

The mysterious Los Angeles-based duo Rhye released their EP Open last week, and the title track will sink itself just inside the cavity of your chest. There is an earnestness to the hushed vocal that reveals both newfound attachment and longing affection. Its bedsheet intimacy is paired with amazingly plain, yet candid sweet nothings like “I’m a fool for your belly” as you watch your other half drift back to sleep, unconscious of the words you’re really saying. It’s a wishful plea to stay awake just a little bit longer, when everything about them is still a discovery that you want to claim as your own – not possessively, but borne from sheer wonder. The track is a snapshot of the intoxicatingly pure moments of honest communication, when entirely unafraid of how your words will be received. Before you know it, the music wafts away like the passing light that fills the room, a brief instant that manages to slip away.

Along with the xx’s newest release, similarly titled “Open Eyes,” these songs make for the perfectly romantic stroll beneath the covers. Open is out on Innovative Lesiure now, grab the track below and be sure to also check out the living room performance, stripped of its heartbeat, that adds a flickering warmth to the accompanying silence.

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