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Breathe Owl Breathe @ The Echo 2.8.12

Breathe Owl Breathe‘s latest release is a 7” held between the pages of a children’s story book.  The book is split up into two stories, one for night and one for day , each flowing seamlessly into the next.  This is the world of the Michigan trio.  An innocently fantastical planet made up of dragon/princess pen-pals, swim lessons, and werewolves, that continue their existence unbeknownst to any sort of reality outside.

Last Wednesday the band invited fans into their fantasy landscape during a loveably kooky set at The Echo.  The band created an endearingly casual atmosphere, dressed as if they didn’t have time to change before their performance, and interacting with the audience as if they were odd ball neighbors over for dinner.  Lead singer Micah, creator of the Breathe Owl Breathe world,  started off the set on a children’s keyboard, switching between singing into a standard mic and some sort of bullet mic that continually found itself housed inside the singers mouth.  Beyond woozy guitar lines and squeals of mic feedback, Micah often acted out the lead roles of many of the songs such as the dragon in “Dragon” or the man with a mustache in “Own Stunts”.  Cellist, Andréa Moreno-Beals, was a wonderful compliment weaving in fragile string lines and soaring vocals.  Perhaps the pinnacle of the performance was Andréa’s bleeding emotional performance during “Werewolf” leaving her on the ground, and the audience speechless.  Throughout the show, drummer Trevor Hobbs maintained a simple yet steady beat that allowed every bit of crazy to continuously move forward.  His parts always audible, but never too present as if to provide the framework on which Micah could build his stories.

It’s clear that behind the whimsical stories of Breathe Owl Breathe is a band where each performer knows and adeptly plays their own role to create the fantasy soundscape.  It’s a band that you could raise your child on, not only for enjoyment, but to steer them down the right musical path with the hope that maybe they’ll end up as cool as their parents.  Breathe Owl Breathe’s world is a tough one to leave.  Not because outside the Echo awaited any harsh realities, but because a place where a dragon and princess can fall in love via letter writing seems like a place I might like to check out every once in awhile.  Check out photos of the show below-

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