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Leonard Cohen – “Show Me The Place”

It should be expected that with old age comes wisdom.  Leonard Cohen takes this obvious statement a giant step farther on Old Ideas.  In Cohen’s case this wisdom leads to self-acceptance ultimately putting a restless mind to bed.  Themes throughout the album often revolve around Cohen openly recounting his flaws, but doing so in a way that seems to be more therapeutic than remorseful.  “Show Me The Place” is personal highlight from the album, a haunting conversation between a man with open arms speaking to his God.  It’s a conversation of faith, not one of desperation, but a calm and trusting request for guidance.  Cohen’s voice carries with it an air of calloused understanding similar to that of a grandparent’s reassurance that everything is going to be ok.  Check out “Show Me The Place” below, and be sure to give a serious listen to the wonderfully centering album Old Ideas.


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