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John Talabot (feat. Pional) – “Destiny”

John Talabot - fIN (2012)

Confirming a QM vacation to Spain for the Primavera Sound music festival was enough of a trip, but when they finally announced the full lineup, I couldn’t be any more ecstatic. So there’s probably one new headlining act that I’m far beyond excited for, but I will say Barcelona’s own John Talabot is not too far away. Ever since he won me over with “Sunshine,” his slow building, hypnotic instrumental, and eventually the mesmerizing, synth driven “Families” featuring Grimes, he’s served as a repeated go to.

“Destiny” follows in the footsteps of “Families,” this time taking contributions from fellow producer Pional. It quickly becomes both Talabot’s darkest and most club ready production yet. The bass rumbles beneath layers of low end while piercing effects fade in and out. Pional’s vocals turn “Destiny” into a haunted pop jam. He sings over the track’s frantic pulse, fighting off Talabot’s paranoid production behind him. It’s a perfect, winter time jam.

Talabot’s album debut album fIN will be out February 6.

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