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Getting To Know Mini Mansions

I want you to take 3 things away from this interview. First, Mini Mansions know what vajazzling is, and they support it (respect).  Second, Mini Mansions have actually seen (and practically saved) a real Koala- and Koala’s are fucking cute.  Third, Mini Mansions are playing our show, along with Haim and Pratley, on Saturday February 4th at The Bootleg Theater.  This is a show you do not want to miss, I promise.  Buy your tickets in advance here, they are going quickly: http://ticketf.ly/wK7Rl7

Ok, so your house is on fire, what 3 albums would you go back in to grab?

That sucks. I would grab my 7” of Talking Heads Burning Down the House, my 10” picture disc of Bruce Springsteen Im on Fire and Gun Club Fire of Love. But fire jokes aside, the only albums I own are Led Zeppelin I, II and III so I would grab those.  But not in that order.


Who would you want to cover a Mini Mansions song?
Traveling Wilburys, Elton John or Papa.

What is one thing you hope to accomplish with Mini Mansions this year?

I want to sell enough records so we can all afford to get our girlfriends vajazzled.





What is your dream collaboration?

A music video with the Lakers, or have them all singing backups on a tune.


What is the best memory as a band?

We toured in Australia in 2010 and the venue had a fire the night before but the promoter was affiliated with this zoo outside of Melbourne so we played this zoo and 4 monkeys and a kangaroo escaped because some fans broke a fence. But the koalas were safe.



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