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War – “Brodermordet”

Somewhere, amidst the dense layer of fog, fuzz, hiss, and scratch, there’s a Friday night here.  “Brodermordet”, a track from the duo War, is the sound of an old dance cassette tape probably suffering from the decay of being left in a garage too long, played through a boombox afflicted with a similar ailment. In actuality, the song was pieced together on a 4 track recorder using analog synths, pedals, guitars and drums, creating an interesting blende of dark punk and old school house.   The scuzzed out sound only bolsters the grimy, low-ceiling feel on the pulsating synth line and evil washed out vocal chant.  In a way  the over-indulgence of fuzz gives the cold, slate feeling of the beat, a bit of heart.  This is not the soundtrack to your normal Friday night, in fact this probably sounds best during that strange time separating Friday night and Saturday morning.  Just remember, it always gets weirder before it gets better…


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