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The Men – “Ex-Dreams”

I was listening to LCD Soundsystem the other day and got really stuck on how much I love the line, “Sound of silver talk to me / makes you want to feel like a teenager / until you remember the feelings of / a real life emotional teenager / then you think again.  There’s a duality when looking back on younger years, idealizing them as this perfect time of bliss, when in reality youth has it’s own share of angst and pressures.  The Men, through their initial track “Open Your Heart” and now “Ex-Dreams” precisely capture those competing ideas with an outer layer of garage grunge and an underbelly of free spirit melody.  It’s this song-writing skill that draws comparisons to The Replacements and ultimately makes me very excited for the upcoming album Open Your Heart.  “Ex Dreams” is set up similar to last years Girls’ track “Die”, with its lengthy heavy hitting instrumental breaks between moments of catchy lyricism.  When the guitars rule, they rule by lines of sweeping melody that come crashing down in a mess of cymbal.  When the vocals take control they do so in an empty space with a loveably bratty melody.  “Ex-Dreams” is a constant shift between building and releasing tension amidst layers of warmly distorted guitar riffs and heavy percussion.  The way I see it, a perfect track for the start of a Friday night…


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