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Evy Jane – “Say So”

Evy Jane -

Vancouver’s singer, keyboardist Evelyn Jane Mason and beat maker Jeremiah Klein go by the name of Evy Jane. Together, they have prepared “Say So,” a creepy yet seductive track that only slightly teeters into the realm of dubstep. Ms. Mason’s multitracked voice forces her sexually charged words into your system, leaving you in goosebumps. As she starts to repeat, “you’re my daddy, you’re my daddy,” you can feel the intensity of this submissive, dark relationship. Her subtle dominance over the song resembles that of Andrea Triyana’s voice in Flying Lotus’s “Tea Leaf Dancers,” which almost says enough for Klein’s outstanding, eternally chill production. He finds a middle ground between the now storied LA based, Brainfeeder producer and James Blakes’s early instrumental work, building the track with a steady pulse surrounded by shuttering effects. “Say So” is the ultimate combination of sexy and cool.

“Say So” will be released on wax on February 20 via King Deluxe. Along with the video and original, listen to Julien Mier’s stellar remix.

Julien Mier Remix

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