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The Milk Carton Kids @ The Largo 1.12.12

At one point during the show, Joey Ryan from the LA based folk duo The Milk Carton Kids, remarked how worried he was to play the Largo for fear of no one showing up.  Well that fear was quickly put to bed last Thursday at the sold-out hometown show for the two troubadours.  Let me start off by saying there is no better place to see a show in LA than The Largo, especially a show like this.  Coupling the setting with the fact that the woman next to me was wearing my ex-girlfriends perfume (and alot of it) set up quite the atmosphere for a group that self-admittedly plays a majority of sad songs.

Anyone knows the opening song sets the tone for a show, and with that The Milk Carton Kids set a level of a warm gathering that was as familiar as it was impressive.  From the get-go Pattengale dazzled the audience with his intricate and melodic guitar work while Ryan laid a wonderful foundation of finger-picking and cold humor.  As vocalists the two are clear soul mates.  With voices that seem to come from another era, each unique in their own detail, come together on choruses to pull at whatever bit of your emotional stability is left in tact.  In between songs of love, heartbreak, home, and a dog’s final words- the two kept the mood light with their unique blend of sarcastic and understated humor offering a reprieve from each emotional blow.  The show, comprised of two separate sets, and was a true testament to the talent of this duo as both songwriters and musicians.  It was one of those nights that brought a room of strangers together, leaving feeling like you had just caught up with a group of old friends.

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