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When you go to your first concert, you have chills the entire time. The more and more shows you go to, the less that seems to happen. Not that the quality of music or performance has decreased, just that when music and work become so closely interwoven it becomes hard to step back and just let a song move you. But, when WATERS hit the first chorus of “Mickey Mantle” I had the chills. I remember trying to express to someone how beautiful I thought that performance was, and I couldn’t…I couldn’t explain it.

WATERS’ songs are easy to fall for. Chalked full of romanticized lyrics and choruses that explode with love and heartbreak as well as youth and innocence, it’s easy to connect. There is no need to over analyze because any reasoning just ends up sounding cliche. So putting songs like that, in an atmosphere like the perfectly snug and warmly lit porch of fellow Mumbler Kenny, and I melt. Whether it was the combusting melody of “For The One” or the blissfully driving “Back To You”, there was an implicit understanding between the small audience that something special was happening there. The music, the surroundings, the good vibes from the band and the Eagle 6 Crew, made the evening absolutely exquisite. It was the type of night where you take a step back from where you are at, and can’t help but get the chills.

Big thanks to our friends at Eagle 6 for filming! Enjoy.

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