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Princeton – “Remembrance Of Things To Come”

The title “Remembrance Of Things To Come” seems in and of itself a contradiction.  However, listening to the title track off Princeton‘s upcoming full length, the somewhat confusing title makes sense.  The track begins with a buoyant keyboard riff that would seemingly set the mood for a lazy day of lying in the sand.  The layers of warmth can, however, be misleading.  In perhaps one of Princeton‘s strongest vocal performances, in enters a melody that drifts towards feelings of loss or desire.   A kick drum keeps the song moving along while scurrying strings add a layer of texture and depth beautifully contrasting with the smooth vocal performance.  Like the title, the song seems a constant contradiction sometimes favoring the jaunty keyboard riff and others the melancholy melody.  The result is a performance that seems to unfold in a new way with each listen…

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