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PAPA – “I Am The Lion King” (St. Lucia Remix)

As the weekend draws nearer, we couldn’t be more excited for our show tomorrow (1/21) with PAPA, Cillie Barnes, and Les Sands.  Upon checking the ole inbox this morning, I thanked the gods of serendipity for dropping this little gem into my arms to prepare for what is sure to be an amazing night.  Turns out the always talented South African native, St. Lucia (freshly signed to our friends over at Neon Gold and Columbia), did a wonderfully lush remix of PAPA’s singleI Am The Lion King“.  The synthy rework puts the already warm original on a time machine to the 80’s, destined for the set of a John Hughes beach vacation flick that was never made.  Swirling synths, quick-cutting riffs, and atmospheric vocals- oh yes, these are the signs of a good weekend ahead!  BUY TICKETS | RSVP on Facebook


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