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D’Angelo – “Black Hole Sun” (Soundgarden Cover)

D'Angelo -

The only thing more obscure than a brand new D’Angelo track is a “Black Hole Sun” cover by D’Angelo. The more than influential neo-soul artist has been absolutely silent since his 2000 classic Voodoo. No interviews were given, no new music was released, and no live performances were made. So ya, new material from this jazzy, soul wizard is a big deal, but who could have seen this coming?

In what clearly sounds like a demo, D’Angelo takes on the Chris Cornell led, grunge staple “Black Hole Sun” by Soundgarden. He absolutely rips the song apart, replacing the heavy build up with constant, pure funkiness. Also, in complete contrast with Cornell’s loud, forever acclaimed vocal performance, D’Angelo completely filters the words out of his mouth. This cover could not sound any more different than the original.

According to ?uestlove, this demo is from about 8 years ago, so this does not mean a new D’Angelo release is on the horizon. Don’t lose hope though, the rumors are pushing hard for a 2012 comeback.

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