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Top 10 Mixes of 2011

We probably don’t post enough mixes on Quit Mumbling. Electronic music’s best artists put together the ultimate playlist for your drives, nights out, or time spent at home. Here our 10 of our favorite mixes from 2011.


Four Tet – Beats in Space #587 Pt. 1 – 08/23

Four Tet – Beats in Space #587 Pt. 1

Rounding out our favorite mixes of 2011, is Four Tet’s set on Tim Sweeney’s show, Beats in Space, on WNYU 89.1FM (New York). Several of our favorite songs from this year sprinkle this mix. It isn’t forced. Listening to it you get a sense of Four Tet’s influences, helping to shed a light what inspires him. It is natural. It blends incredibly well for a radio show – not even a podcast. There are a lot of similarities with his Fabric release and for this it is a perfect way to close out the year.


Patten – FACT mix 285 – 09/23

In this tightly wound mix, Patten demonstrates a keen ability to sift through tracks quickly, almost at will. Glossing over the sounds of Madlib, Pixies, Joy Division, DEVO, Aphex Twin and even Bakey USTL in less than an hour, Patten taps an level of eclecticism that we didn’t know was possible. He does so whilst never disrespecting the medium of the mixtape – keeping it tight, but always keeping in clean.


Nicolas Jaar – XLR8R Podcast 184 – 08/02

XLR8R Podcast 184

Podcast 184 is XLR8R Magazine’s most prestigious mix of 2011. If it wasn’t for the striking resemblance to Space is Only Noise, we would rate this delicacy much higher. What works best is the tracks off the album lead themselves well for a live set, with plenty of sounds, chimes and effects to transition with. Kicking it off with a somber note on the Bob Dylan rip, Jaar’s recorded mix for XLR8R takes a bass-laden turn towards the austere.


Machinedrum (Sepalcure) – Live from Beatport Berlin – (19.10.2011)

Machinedrum funnels a wide array of styles into this 2 hour snapshot of where the best of (the unfortunately named) “bass music” stands. As one-half of Sepalcure, he dives through his own skittish, juke-related work, American trap rap music, funky house and more; switching between his own live work and mp3s. He also holds his baby up MJ Cole-style to the camera. A must see for the moustached Yankee.


Joy Orbison- The Trilogy Tapes – 12/20

Joy Orbison’s mix to kick off his new label, Hinge Finger, with Honest Jon’s Records’ Will Bankhead is the most upfront of our favourite mixes of 2011. Joy O wastes no time to get it crackin’ in this set – clocking in at just over one hour. Every mix serves a purpose, some are exploratory efforts, this one however has no qualms in blending through dance-floor rompers. Maybe it’s not the most apt Christmas mix, but certainly one to consider for the New Year. There’s some splattering of Swamp 81 material, as well as some jacking house and bass-ridden garage. This mix serves to solidify Joy O’s shift from his Doldrums/Hot Flush days, through his releases on Loefah’s imprint and now onto his own. Rounding out 2011, this mix might shed a light into where we are heading in 2012.


Inch Time Live at Cafe OTO – dublab Podcast – (02.02.2011)

At times ghostly, often melancholy, yet always beautiful, this 38-minute recording encapsulates sounds pushing through from styles such as synth-pop to ambient-related electronica. Despite the dance pop revolution still riding roughshod through the charts, Inch Time shows that only a little under the surface of the mainstream dance world are the true treasures of sumptuous thought and beauty. Mad props to the dublab crew keeping it realer than real with continual leftfield curveballs.


Cio D’Or and Donato Dozzy present J – MNML SSGS – 04/29

Cio D’Or and Donato Dozzy present J – MNML SSGS – 04/29

Sound architects reign supreme in this mix made by German Cio D’Or and Italian Donato Dozzy as a gift to raise money for those people affected by the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan earlier this year. They made a short, submerged techno trip through warm atmospherics and sound environments. This mix is only 40 minutes, yet it still manages to retain love and intimacy and is dedicated to such a cause nobler than your average throwaway podcast.


Matthew Burton & Kate Rathod – Resident Advisor Podcast 260 – 05/23

Matthew Burton & Kate Rathod – Resident Advisor Podcast 260 – 05/23

Like all electronic music, this deep house journey is best heard on a device offering a good range of frequencies. Working from the same druggy tech-house platform as artists such as Public Lover and releases off the zeitgeist label Crosstown Rebels, the inconspicuous duo play out a dizzyingly clean Ablteon set, with plenty of reverb and harmonious grooves building throughout.


2562 / A Made Up Sound – Wax Treatment Podcast # 018 – 01/21

A great mix withstands the test of time. Rob Booth from Electronic Explorations called this mix ‘pure porn.’ He went on to say that Dutchman Dave Huismans, or 2562 / A Made Up Sound, was ‘simply one of the finest producers of our generation,’ no small statement. Released several weeks prior to 2011’ Fever, this mix for Berlin’s Hard Wax Records’ Wax Treatment Podcast has a notable disco tinge, but it is at all times interlaced by techno’s stark, synthesizer stabs. Huismans wastes no time in turning up the tempo right off the beat. The pace and intricacy is maintained with the same level of detail and precision, come to be expected since his releases on Tectonic.
His XLR8R, Podcast 185 from earlier this year is great for a listen too.


Salax Peep Show – Little White Earbuds Podcast 88 – 06/13

Salax Peep Show is the assembled team of Petter and Axel Boman, a current star of the underground limelight. This mix is the epitome of balance, underpinned subtlety with both unrealeased dubs and hidden gems. Switching between sturdy house rhythms and breakbeaty tracks, there is a ceaseless interplay between the artists, keeping the listener’s ears pricked. I challenge anyone to actively dislike this mix – fine European house.

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