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The Weeknd – Echoes of Silence

Without slowing down at all for the holidays, QM end of year favorite The Weeknd has just released the final act in his trilogy of mixtapes preceded by House of Balloons and Thursday earlier in the year.

If Balloons was the start of a string of decisions at the afterparty and Thursday was an even blurrier unexpected second wind, Echoes is naturally the sensual comedown from it all, as last arc kicked off by “Same Old Song” and ending how the title track indicates, with plenty of inside references back to previous material along the way, emphasizing its whole. When part three comes to its haunting, bare end that hints at the source of all those thoughts at the bottom of the glass, you’ll feel the sudden need to restart it all, like an addiction you haven’t yet the mind to quit.

Get at the whole mixtape through the link below, but check out opener “D.D.” (a cover of MJ’s “Dirty Diana”), French-friendly “Montreal” and “Same Old Song” underneath.

Download: The Weeknd – Echoes of Silence 

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