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Roly Porter – Al Dhanab

Jamie Teasdale, 1/2 of the Bristolian outfit Vex’d and better known as Kuedo, his work has flowered with accessibility, maintaining some of its edginess. Roly Porter, unlike his counter part, is rooted in the wastelands of the 21st century only occasionally peaking out for glimpses of neon lights and rainbows.

In Aftertime, Roly’s recent release on the Subtext imprint, he implements ambient sounds, industrialized landscapes and abstract futurism that posit the album as conceptual at its core.

Anyone familiar with the lineage of Dillinja’s the Angels Fell, will hear in this album echoes of Vangelis’ classic Bladerunner soundtrack, which inadvertently enthused a legion of futurist junglists.  Porter deconstructs the likes of Dillanja’s spaceage-tinged jungle with immaterial song structures and evolving soundscapes.

Although dissonant peaks are found in the entire album, lovely spans of field recordings are also littered through the tracks.  Sumptuous classical violin parts are juxtaposed with noisy drones. As the drones and strings clatter against each other, they embed a sense of deep reflectiveness, leaving the listener contemplative after its succinct ending 47 minutes later.

One of its tracks, “Al Dhanab,” espouses these paradoxes best.

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