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Radiohead – “The Daily Mail”

Always in the giving mood, Radiohead brought Christmas to the pagans this week with the release of two songs recorded during The King of Limbs session that didn’t make the succinct 8-track cut.

Whereas the album was a sonic vacuum that operated on the sparser side of emotion, “The Daily Mail” has the scope of a classic Radiohead ballad, social and political undertones and all. Delicate opening piano chords prepare yourself for an inverse “Let It Be” as this is Thom Yorke, after all. “The lunatics have taken over the asylum,” laments Yorke, early on a song named after the widely-circulated British tabloid. “The flies in the sky, the beasts of the earth, the fish in the sea have lost control” as it builds to a soaring dystopic statement on society and its media, politics; on modern human constructs, released just as end of the year binge consumption is under way. It is a song better left off the album that found its way to a content, heady end.

Check out the track as well as “Staircase” below, which may have gotten lost in the “Magpie”/”Little By Little”/”Feral” bunch. Happy Holidays to you too, Thom.

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