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Waters – “Mickey Mantle”

I can’t say I’m the biggest sports fan.  But I absolutely love going to a baseball game.  To be honest, it’s not that my eyes are fixed on the field, or I bleed the colors of my favorite team.  But there really is something so American about the sport – about sitting in the cheap seats with friends, drinking over priced beer, and eating shitty (amazing) hot dogs.  Although completely lost with the state of the league now, there was something pure about the game, and a reason it was heralded as “America’s pastime”. The song “Mickey Mantle” by Waters shares the same sense of purity.  To me, the song screams Americana, it screams Springsteen blue collar, hard-working, still trying to figure it all out.  It’s a song about growing up, balancing dissolution that comes with age and maintaining a sense of wonder that can only be had in one’s youth.

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