Video: North Highlands – “Benefits”

Video: North Highlands-

Brookyln darlings North Highlands released their latest album Wild One last month, and its soothing, intimate lead single “Benefits” still sounds as warm and relevant as ever. Director Nate Buchik finally gives it a proper video, mirroring Brenda Malvin’s repetitive declarations regarding employment with a fading light struggling to remain illuminated. Luckily, the camera closely focuses its attention on the singer to actually reveal that she is not very worried. In fact, Malvin may even be content. She shows confidence and assertiveness despite whatever may be demanded of her in the working world. Perhaps this is an attitude all youth today should adopt. Of course, she has the support of her band. As the song progresses, the illuminations slowly start putting the musicians and their instruments into the spotlight and “Benefits” finally becomes a celebration of freedom rather than a lamentation about responsibility.