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PAPA crept up on us like the best kind of addiction.  Upon first listen it’s easy to become infatuated with their breezy  hook-laden sunshine pop, but listen closer and you can tell there is much more to this batch of tunes.  Each song is perfectly crafted with intricate guitar lines, held down by a steady rhythm section, bringing back everything you loved about the early Strokes.  And if The Strokes represented bar-hopping on the cold streets of New York, well, PAPA is an open-air drive up the California coast.

We were fortunate enough to meet up with the gentleman from PAPA on a perfect California night at the amazing Bootleg Theater.  Brothers Darren and Evan hung out with us on the porch and discussed their recent tour with Girls and their fun-loving video for “I Am The Lion King”.  With the lighting set to a warm glow around the duo, a small and very fortunate audience were wowed by acoustic renditions of “Ain’t It So”, and “Let’s Make You Pregnant”.  Evan’s raw guitar lines swim their way around Darren’s affirming vocals giving each song a new-found gusto.  The earthy versions of each song only lead to us falling more head-over-heels for the already charming tracks.

Later that night the boys played a set like a band on fire, tight like a seasoned veteran, but having fun like friends jamming in a bedroom.  A usually stagnant LA audience was all grins as they bobbed along to tracks off of A Good Woman Is Hard To Find, as well as several exciting new songs.  The boys ended with their set with current single “I Am The Lion King” – and our Eagle 6 team was in place to capture the magic.

Check out the amazing videos below-

A very special thank you to the team from Eagle 6 Productions and photographer Paley Fairman.


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