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QMtv // Nikki Lane

Ask anyone, as great as CMJ was, they were glad to return home to some sort of normalcy. It is a week chalked full of shows, drinking, and more shows in a city where there is always an after party and it absolutely takes a toll on one’s spirits. Still, when Quit Mumbling was fortunate enough to meet up with the lovely Nikki Lane, it was nothing but a wave of calm.

Similar to the duality of finding a lush park in the midst of a stark city, Nikki’s music walks a line between Southern charm and dive-bar grit. Her voice feels wonderfully warm, providing a sense of calm familiarity whether singing about leaving (“Gone, Gone, Gone”) or returning (“Coming Home To You”). Like the park, it feels like a place you have been before and are always glad to revisit, but a lot of what makes Lane so special is her no-bullshit attitude – not entirely different from the surrounding city. For as excited as she sounds in “Coming Home To You” or as helpless as “Blue Star In The Sky” comes off, you know Nikki is fine on her own with “Gone, Gone, Gone”.

Like any girl worth fighting for, Nikki’s songs demonstrate a tough shell surrounding a fragile core, leaving the listener forever trying to pin her down, perhaps for the chance to understand her better.

Enjoy the beautiful QMtv sessions below, with a very special thanks to director Dennis Roberts.

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