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Drive Soundtrack – “Nightcall”/ “Under Your Spell”/ “A Real Hero”


I know I’m late on this, but just got around to seeing Drive, the Ryan Gosling film that seems to simultaneously be an homage to early-70′s Steve McQueen getaway flicks and the Grand Theft Auto series, with its hat tipped directly at 80s-themed Vice City. Its highly stylized videogame-noir art direction finds the perfect medium between nostalgia and total awareness that makes for one of the more unique major releases of 2011.

Everything from its title sequence (that font) to the sound design and soundtrack is deliberate, and the violent and exciting are always balanced out by the slow and graceful. One of its main draws though is that damn soundtrack that plays a big part in the pacing of the rather quiet film, that brings you, like a good soundtrack should, deeper into its own narrative world. The songs, like the film, exhibit a nighttime warmth that you trust, some unexpected humanity that underscores some of its best moments.

From the slow-bouncing trance of “Nightcall” to the low-key obsession in “Under Your Spell,” there is a dark, Batman-like passion that threads through each song to keep them in line. The film’s unofficial theme is “A Real Hero,” a tribute to the noble but ultimately lonely antihero that reaches levels of John Hughes euphoria. Together, they are the audio embodiment of the film’s understated tone. Be sure to check out the tracks below that hopefully make your commute home today for the long weekend, in whatever way, a bit more neon-colored.


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