Video: Trash Talk – “Awake”

Three albums and 6 EPs deep, Sacramento’s Trash Talk are more relevant than ever. Headlines clearly point out a specific need for music with angst to blow up again. I doubt a band like Rage Against the Machine will come again anytime soon. That is way too bold of an assumption. Still, an opening line like “In the land of nod, he who sleeps with both eyes open is god” can serve as one hell of a wake up call.  Trash Talk’s new EP Awake represents a disenfranchised, fed up youth ready to bang through the walls around them. The title track’s music video showcases that snap.

Perhaps the Occupy kids can actually be taken seriously if they start listening to music as remotely powerful as this. It’s time for the hardcore to have its resurgence. Let’s hope that Trash Talk will help push it a step further.