Spaceghostpurrp – Keep Bringing the Phonk


Miami-bred Spaceghostpurrp has been making lots of noise on Twitter recently about his alignment with the Harlem-based ASAP crew (as an aside, ASAP Rocky’s debut tape is out today). He’s been making similar levels of noise about haters.

Unfortunately, noise surrounding the release of new material has been sparse. Last week though, Purrp released this self-produced gem. The track relishes in his darkest Memphis influences, but simultaneously feels otherworldly. At times Purrp’s lyrics takes inspiration by his hater scorning tweets. On the hypnotic refrain he raps, “Imma keep bringing the phonk/n*gga imma keep bringing the phonk/and you n*ggas can’t stop me.”

As mentioned, Purrp wears his Memphis influences proudly, but he also channels West Coast G-Funk with his raps here. It’s a pretty smooth combination. The song eerily ends with a train pulling out of the station, which you can take as you’d like (Phonk Train?). We think that it sounds pretty tight and we eagerly look forward to whatever is next for Purrp and ASAP.

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