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Halloween in LA, 2011 (Fatboy Slim, The Stepkids, The Soft Moon, The Field, Air France)

Halloween weekend always becomes one of the most eventful times of the year. The only thing harder than deciding on a costume is figuring out where to wear it. Outside of the haunted parties we will probably end up at, we will still be hitting the music scene. Here’s our Halloween concert schedule. Hopefully, you can follow along with us and have an equally amazing time.

Friday: Fatboy Slim live at Hard Halloween
Looking to dance? Then there is a good chance you will be at Hard Haunted Mansion, the annual juggernaut of an electronic music festival. Expect Norman Cook to put together the night’s ultimate Halloween dance mix to get you and the rave kids moving. Fatboy Slim has the catalog to make pretty much every electronic producer jealous, but you should expect some amazing music from multiple sources. We predict a huge 2011 Halloween highlight to include thousands of HARD attendees screaming their heads off to “Star 69.”

Saturday: The Stepkids live at The Echo
Stones Throw’s latest band to tout put on a hell of a show. Not only can the Stepkids play, their entire set up perfectly matches just how crazy and out of this world their music sounds. To put things in the simplest terms possible, you are guaranteed one funky, ear piercing Halloween trip circa 1969. Drugged out visuals set to shock and awe you whiling watching their amazing debut album come to life should the best way to start your Saturday night.

Download their new live EP from CMJ!

Sunday: The Soft Moon live at The Echo
If you know any better, this should be a no brainer. If anyone emulates the glory days of dark, goth post-punk music, it’s The Soft Moon. We are going just to get spooked. On record, this Luis Vasquez led group creates menacing layers of shadowy, ghostly music to make your hair stick straight up. As you can see below, it gets even crazier in the small confinements of a dark club. Prepare to get the creeps.

Monday: The Field & Air France at Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock
Here are two Swedish artists we have never seen that have been on our dream shows list for awhile now. The Field has had us hooked since From Here We Go Sublime in 2007 and his new album Looping State of Mind has only strengthened our love for him. We cannot wait to get down to “Over the Ice” in full blown Halloween attire. Second, we have Air France playing their only US date. This mysterious band has given us very little output since their first EP in 2006, but it has all been 100% phenominal. How can this night get any better? Abe Vigoda is also playing and FYF is turning Eagle Rock’s Center for the Arts into a crazy haunted house. This is how you do Halloween.

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