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North Highlands- “Benefits”

Brenda Malvini comes from the small town North Highlands, a quiet place that she describes as “a suburb stuck in time.” When the opportunity came to leave, she instantly took it, heading to NYU where she would write and eventually form the band that bears her home’s same name. Now, several shows later, Brenda and the gang are readying their debut album Wild One, which will hit shelves October 18. The lead single “Benefits” displays their delicate, borderline disheartened take on otherwise traditional Indie Pop.

North Highlands are a band you may have never heard of that enjoys driving across the country in “Dad,” their touring van (no joke). To do what you love, you need some cash flow. “Benefits” tells that story. Brenda sings “I promise to work, I promise to pay it all off.” Her fragile voice sounds both hopeless and frustrated, but with every note, you can tell she’s trying to let go. You work every day your whole life and only sometimes do you feel one step further than yesterday. Sometimes though, everyone has to stop the worrying. When North Highlands finally say “fuck it,” they start partying. Thus, when the chorus hits, the band loosens up and breaks out in dance.

Today’s Sunday, and most of you are probably dreading the start of another work week. Enjoy the last day of the weekend and when you drag your feet into work tomorrow, don’t forget about your “Benefits.”

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