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Sonnymoon – “Yes” (Beyonce Cove) & “Houstatlantavegas” (Drake Cover)

Damn, where to begin with this…

Sonnymoon, a Boston-based duo consisting of Anna Wise (vocals) and Dane Orr (production), first popped onto my radar a little over a year ago when I was directed to their debut EP, Golden Age. On this wonderful debut, the two displayed the ability to combine sultry, jazz infused vocal melodies with sparse, empty, bass heavy beats. While the two Berklee students displayed jazz prowess and a knowledge and understanding of the beat scene going on across the country in Los Angeles (hints of Dilla, Flying Lotus and the rest of the Low End crew can be found all over the first record), the record still dripped and oozed with the swagger of a sex-driven R&B record. Its the type of record you may just as easily hear in a grimy basement house party as you would in a Low End set.

The only other releases to their name include 2 covers, which unsurprisingly happen to be from R&B greats Beyonce and Drake. The first is “Yes“, a cover of a track from Beyonces 2003 album Dangerously In Love. The second is a cover of “Houstatlantavegas” from So Far Gone. On both tracks, they’re able to keep intact the basic melodies of the 2 R&B jams, while Wise injects her own soul into them in the way she sings on them. The production from Orr stays minimalistic and bass heavy, but conveys a sonic density that simultaneously knocks you back and gives you a warm hug. Specifically on “Yes”, the airy, distant synths play perfectly against the boom of the kick and the crispy handclaps, providing a perfect landscape for Wise’s heartfelt vocal performance, resulting in a tune that feels romantic and breathtaking and painful.

We’ve been expecting big things from this group for a while now, and its great to see them fulfill their initial promise. Needless to say, we can’t wait to hear more.

Sonnymoon – Yes (Beyonce Cover)

Sonnymoon – Houstatlantavegas (Drake cover)

and for fun, heres “Run Away” from their debut EP Golden Age, which you can download in its entirety here.

Sonnymoon – Run Away

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