A Mixtape Created by Humans

A Mixtape Created by Humans
A Mixtape Created by Humans

Vancouver’s Humans are in the business of showing you how to have a good time. As their previously featured “Avecs Mes Mecs” states, “all you have to do is party.” Summer is nearly over and the weeks are going to start getting a little longer. For that reason, Quit Mumbling let Humans take the reigns on a mixtape designed to save your day. We put their submission to the test, gave it multiple spins, and threw down an emphatic stamp of approval. Here’s what Humans have to say about it:

Straight up. This mix is for going places. Its for riding your bike. Its for driving. Its for chicks to listen to while putting on makeup and drinking sangria and getting ready. and you know what? when you’ve been wherever it is that you’re going, you can probably put it on again for the apres.

Have Fun!


  1. Resorts- "Simple War" (feat. Jasmyn Burke)
  2. Jacques Greene- "Another Girl"
  3. Bottin- "Disco For The Devil (In Flagrant Mix)"
  4. Housse De Racket- "Roman"
  5. Chrome Sparks -"Doubt, No"
  6. Icona Pop- "Manners"
  7. Zongamin- "Bongo Song"
  8. Black Van- "Express"
  9. Humans- "mon ton ton 2"
  10. Late Of The Pier- "Best In The Class (Soulwax Remix)"
  11. Todd Terje- "Eurodans"

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