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M83 – “Intro”

It was hard to believe M83 would be able to top the initial track “Midnight City” off their upcoming album Hurry Up We’re Dreaming.  But, with the beautifully grandiose “Intro”, the synth soundscaping band, along with Zola Jesus, may have raised the bar yet again.  The track creeps in, only to be broken wide open by Gonzalez’s shrieking vocals that seem to catch fire.  Zola Jesus follows Gonzalez, her voice gliding above the synth haze that rises like a fog clearing.  The track reaches it’s pinnacle with an explosion of percussion, arching electronics, and choral vocals that shine through like the gods calling out from the clouds.  If the rest of the album continues the trend set by these initial songs, than Hurry Up We’re Dreaming will make a strong argument for one of the top albums of the year.

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