Guest Mix- Superhumanoids- Summer Mix: 2

Guest Mix- Superhumanoids- Summer Mix: 2
Guest Mix- Superhumanoids- Summer Mix: 2

Los Angeles’s Superhumanoids have already been very giving to Quit Mumbling, and for that, we are thankful. Today, they’ve handed over a new mixtape for us to premier. Here’s Summer Mix: 2, the second half of a two part music series for partying under the sun. I’d go ahead and hype up the amazing tracklist myself, but I’ll leave it to singer Cameron Parkins to do that:

I’ve always been intrigued by dance music and clubs, this summer has been a lesson in digging in on that world of music. Music that people dance to, that focus on ambience, sounds, and rhythm more than melody and song structure. it’s been interesting – we’ve been DJing around LA a lot and it has been a cool world to peer in to. Friends like Classixx, Cosmic Kids, and Guns in the Sun have all been dumping tracks on us, digesting them and learning from them has been a cool process and you can hear echoes of that world in the album we are working on. – Cameron

  1. The RAH Band- "Sam The Samba Man"
  2. Diana Ross- "Upside Down"
  3. New York Citi Peech Boys- "Don't Make Me Wait (Larry Levan Remix)"
  4. Junior Boys- "A Truly Happy Ending"
  5. Saardid- "Sueno Flebre (Cosmic Kids Remix)"
  6. Twin Sister- "Bad Street"
  7. Graceful Exit- "Entrance"
  8. Gary's Gang- "Spirits"
  9. Gloria Gaynor- "Searchin"
  10. Ghost Town D.J.'s- "My Boo"
  11. Gold Panda- "MPB"
  12. The 2 Bears- "Bear Hug (Maxxi Soundsystem Remix)"
  13. Princeton- "Clamoring For Your Heart"
  14. LDFD- "Outtacontrol"

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