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QMtv // Hooray For Earth

I think it was ever since I saw the back cover of the Harvest LP, I’ve had a certain soft spot for music played in sheds.  There is something so romantic about aged wood, dusty floors, and a hint of mildew in the air that adds a wonderful mysticism to a few guys getting together and just jamming.

It was warm L.A. night outside the shed, made only more welcoming with a spinning disco ball, glowing Christmas lights, and the enchanting art rock of Brooklyn’s Hooray For Earth.  In the midst of downtown L.A. we set up a make-shift community for the night.  Joined by the wonderful L.A. based band Family of The Year, and a few close friends, with rations of luke-warm beer and shared cigarettes, it was night made for music around a fire (or in our case a circle of lights).  The boys from Hooray For Earth were as kind as they come.  Adjusting to being pent up in an exaggerated Hollywood hotel, and preparing for their first show with Architecture In Helsinki, the session was a good excuse for them to stretch their legs and actually enjoy what can be so great about this damn city.

Throughout the night, Hooray For Earth treated us with mesmerizing tunes off their highly-acclaimed debut album True Loves.   The title track found a laid-back pocket that soared with back-up vocals from Family of The Year.   “Realize It’s Not The Sun” shimmered as it reverb drenched guitar tones melted beautifully into reverb drenched vocals and drifted out the door of the shed.  “Sails” found it’s audience swaying back and forth, lending itself perfectly to that third or fourth cocktail.  Just as the band was getting ready to call it a night, they began toying around with the idea of an epic 90’s cover.  What started as joke quickly became a stunning rendition of Crash Test Dummies hit “Mmm, Mmm, Mmm, Mmm”.  For a solid 5 minutes after the song, we each found ourselves humming (or singing?) the chorus on repeat.

At the risk of sounding trite, but finding no better way to say it, the night was absolute magic (wonderfully captured by Pier Pictures).  Bring together warm beer, good friends, and stunning live tunes and you’ll assuredly find me a happy man.

Thank you to Katarina Pasinsky for the photos!  Check out a photo gallery over at our Facebook page.

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