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Girls – “Vomit”

“Vomit” off the upcoming Girls’ LP Father, Son, Holy Ghost is the moment post-breakup when you move from depression to insanity. It is staying up all hours of the night, pacing around the house with a fifth of booze, and cleaning up broken glass after throwing all forms of kitchenware against the wall. The track finds the band at their most haunted as the combination of Christopher Owens’ pouty vocals, menacing organ, and meniaclly distorted guitar will most likely sink you to a space of emotional exhaustion. Oh yeah, and this is all before the soulful choir comes in to break whatever is left of your defeated heart.  The lyrics are just as emotionally charged as Owens wallows about searching for love, and the piece that goes missing when someone walks away. The track is absolutely stunning, like really…. amazing, and shows the tremendous leaps this band continues to take. Father, Son, and Holy Ghost will be released on September 13th.