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Bill Callahan – “One Fine Morning”

When Bill Callahan was asked to describe “One Fine Morning” he said he wanted to create the soundtrack to the final moments of a western film. The song is that of peace after gun-fire, of the sun rise on a silent desert as wildlife scurry across the warming sand. At its core the song is about death, but is an absolute beautiful portrayal of life’s darkest moment. It is riding off into sun with “the skeleton crew” proud and at peace. The video below is Callahan standing as a wise oak facing the New York crowd protected only by his delicate guitar and calming baritone. Watch the video and listen to the original, of my favorite track, from my favorite album of the year thus far.

*Small factoid- the last lines of “One Fine Morning”,  the last song off Apocalypse, are “DC 450” – the catalog number of the record (Drag City 450).