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Classics // Fela Kuti feat. Ginger Baker – Black Man’s Cry (Live)

While it’s all too easy to let these grey days of June Gloom guide you into a somber slump (complete with candles, red wine, and multiple spins of the new Bon Iver record), its Monday damnit, and you’ve got things to do! Whether its the dreaded wonderful return to the working week or just another free day to play with your cat and watch consecutive episodes of The Wire, you’re going to need a proper soundtrack to get you up and at ’em. Some good Fela Kuti will do just the trick.

Here’s a cut from his “Live!” EP, originally released in ’71. The EP is 4 tracks and 40 minutes of pure boogie down afrobeat fire, featuring none other than Ginger Baker (former Cream drummer) on percussion. Now put away that leopard print Snuggie, turn the volume all the way up, and let Fela and his companions shake you from your slumber.

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