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Classics // Omar Souleyman – “Leh Jani” (عمر سليمان – ليه جاني)

Having Syrian poet Mahmoud Harbi whisper lyrics into his ear while he sings and dances and making it rain Syrian Pounds (XE sets today’s exchange rate for the SYP at 47.47 to 1 USD), Omar Souleyman is nothing short of a signature badass.

He releases his music exclusively through cassettes, which you can purchase in kiosks throughout his native country – something of a Syrian icon. On top of which, later this year he will collaborate with Bjork for a limited edition 12″.

“Leh Jani” epitomizes the urgency and emotion in Souleyman’s music.

Let’s see if he can get the party started at The Echo next month, 07.12.11.

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