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A Toast to ‘Big Man’ Clarence Clemons

There’s not much more that can be said about the late ‘Big Man’ Clarence Clemons that hasn’t already been said by the people who were close to him. While I feel like I know him through his recordings and live performances, I realize most E-Street Band fanatics probably feel the same way.

I therefore do not intend to rehash the story of how Big Man joined the band or try to describe his persona to you. The best way to know him is by listening to his music.

So, at this time, I’d just like to propose a toast to Big Man. Please pour yourself a drink and play “Jungleland” below. Through some intense research, I found this to be the best way to go about celebrating the man and his music:

From the start to 1:48, sip slowly and reflect on Big Man’s grand life. Wow, great piano playing.

From 1:48 to 2:38, intensify your drinking and sing along if you know the words. Max Weinberg’s kick drum is the sound of Big Man’s big heart.

From 2:38 to 3:00, really celebrate Big Man’s existence. Don’t be afraid to slosh your drink around, especially if you’re at work.

From 3:00 to 3:28, refill your beverage and listen to that epic guitar solo. Picture Big Man smiling, dancing, and playing tambourine.

From 3:28 to 3:54, sip slowly and get ready…

From 3:54 to 4:36, Has anything ever sounded so rich, pure, epic? Just enjoy these sounds and slowly raise your glass with your head bowed.

From 4:36 to end, Resume drinking and reflect for the rest of the song. Goddamn it sounds so good.

Basically, the playing here should adequately show why this man was the soul of the E-Street band. If you ever need a lesson in not wasting a moment, musically or otherwise, listen to ‘Big Man’ Clarence Clemons. RIP.

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